Thursday, July 31, 2008

The New Digs

It took three full days to get unpacked and set up, but we're done. Our apartment complex is surrounded by trees, and actually San Antonio as a whole seems to have a lot of trees, so it's easy to forget we're in the middle of huge city. It seems like a really cool area, with a ton to see and do and we're excited to explore!
The living room from the front door. The doors on the right lead to the office.
The office.
The dining area, or bike garage, however you want to look at it!
The bedroom had an extra nook that fit the loveseat perfectly, which worked out because it would have been a tight fit in the living room.
This is the office window, which looks onto the balcony.
This is the view from the balcony. Bridget enjoys hanging out and keeping an eye on what's going on down below. So far she's had a hard time not barking at people, but we're working on that.
The view from the patio door looking back at the front door.


Kate said...

Cool place - will the office be our room when we come? :)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I really like the darker cabinets. We will have to find a time to come see you.