Sunday, July 10, 2011

Animal House

We bought a house a couple of weeks ago, and as a bonus it came with a cat! His name is Scooter, and he has been hanging around for the past several years, according to the lady who used to live next door and who had been driving all the way across town to feed him while the house sat vacant a couple months. He is very lazy and sleeps all day, lying around waiting to be fed. He doesn't hunt, if he is not fed he will probably die of starvation he is that lazy. The one day we didn't feed him because we didn't go by the house, we pulled in the driveway the next day and instead of sleeping on the porch he was gnawing on a patch of grass by his food bowl all crazy eyed, so we have made a point of feeding him daily since. The problem with the cat food bowl, though, is it attracts many different animals, all of which seem very familiar with the location of the bowl and dinner time. The deer especially love cat food, but we have also seen a baby skunk, a raccoon, and doves helping themselves. There's also a tan cat that sometimes comes around that the lady said used to be really fat and who she called "Big Fat Orange Cat" but is now really skinny and looks like he might have some kind of mangey disease. He will sit back and wait for Scooter to be done eating before he eats, so it must be Scooter's territory. We feed him off to the side though, and they hang out on the porch together all day.

Here Scott's feeding the deer down the driveway so Scooter can eat, they used to just take the food over from him but now they're kind of scared of us because we shoo them away while he eats. We're going to get a bucket for the front yard and fill it with deer corn like a lot of the neighbors. Good thing we like animals! I can't move the pictures for some reason, so here is a picture of a lizard we found today in the living room. They're all over outside but this one must have snuck in. Scooter's typical day...
He sleeps on his back on the porch. Worthless. We also weren't sure if Scooter and the deer got along or not, turns out not. One began following him shortly after this picture was taken and when he realized it, he turned around and hunched and hissed at it. The deer just stared and didn't move, but he did quit following him. Scooter's very lucky there's no beagle to chase him because she HATED cats and that was one of her favorite things to do!


Tara Young Gottula said...

Just 'rediscovered' your blog - so sorry about puppy girl. Put up some pics of the new house!

Anonymous said...

I love that you have a cat - obviously an outside cat. Can't wait to meet him! and the deer of course.

Kate said...

Silly Scooter! :)