Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day!

San Antonio got a little less than an inch of snow Thursday night/Friday morning, beginning with some freezing rain Thursday night. As a result, all of the freeways in the entire city were closed from 11pm Thursday night to noon Friday. The city doesn't have any salt trucks, gravel trucks, or snow plows, so there's really no way to deal any sort of snow or ice, you kind of just have to wait for it to melt. Which it pretty much had by noon. Renee's office was closed and Scott's commute is only two minutes so he was able to make it in. Pretty wild for so much to be shut down for so little but it was like a sheet of ice out there! Also, the pipes down here are plastic so a lot of people had frozen pipes and no water, and there were two water main breaks at our apartment complex.
8 am.
Bridget was shaking from the cold, (although it really wasn't that cold, so what she really needs to do is suck it up a little better) so Renee covered her in a little blanket. She tries to help a beagle out whenever she can. Part of Bridget's problem is her entire stomach and one leg are shaved (another story for another day), so it's probably a little drafty for her.
5pm. Everything dried up and 44 degrees.


Karla said...

Poor Bridget :( How come her face is mostly white now? She sick?

Renee said...

Her face turned a little whiter when we moved the first time, and a lot whiter when we moved the second time. Apparently she found it very stressful :) Although she also has a chronic small intestine condition.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you had a snow day! I hope you enjoyed it. Hope Bridget is getting better.
Love you guys,