Sunday, February 14, 2010

TAO-Brenham Municipal Airport/Southern Flyer

Scott heard about a '50s style diner at the Brenham Airport with great food, so Saturday night we flew there for dinner. Brenham is about halfway between Austin and Houston. The diner there is called Southern Flyer, and it and the airport are owned and operated by a couple named Jack and Janet Hess. Both are pilots, and seek to provide food and fun at an enjoyable destination. The flight itself was a little rough because Renee had minor cold (nothing major, she was fully functioning and at the top of her game all day) and she didn't listen to Scott when he suggested she may not want to go because head congestion hurts your ears when you fly because they can't pop when you descend. Renee said she'd be fine. By the time we landed in Brenham, Renee's left ear drum felt as if it had burst and was bleeding down the side of her head, there were tears rolling down her face, and she had bright red eyes from crying. Scott wanted to turn around and go back home but Renee really wanted to see the '50s diner, so we persevered. Renee did what she could, but her eyes were still red and Scott felt as though everyone in the restaurant was staring at him like he was a huge jerk for making his wife cry. And Renee could only hear 30% of what anyone said to her the rest of the night. But other than that it was awesome.
Poodle skirts and saddle shoes!
We'll have to go back sometime and take more time to look around and enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Cute diner. Hope you guys are a lot warmer than we are. I love snow, but, bring on the spring weather!

Karla said...

Oh Renee, I've gone through the same pain and agony coming back from London. Felt like my ear had exploded :(